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Welcome to First Coast Home Services

We Are Tough on Dirt But Easy on Your Home!


Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

We will safely clean your home’s driveway, patio and walkways without pressure, to ensure your surfaces are protected. We also take care not to damage plants, furniture and other valuables. We make every effort to leave your home spotless without any extra work for you.


Local, Licensed and Insured!

The Hancock Family

First Coast Home Services LLC was started in 2003 by John Hancock. The company was established with a mission to build a business of satisfied customers that continue to call year after year. In order to achieve this mission, John has always focused on integrity, consistency and attention to details, three things that are often lacking in home service businesses today. A University of North Florida graduate, John has spent over 10 years in corporate America working for such giants as BellSouth, AIG and Merrill Lynch. But he has always desired to run his own business, mainly because many of the large companies he’s worked for lack personal touch with their customers, something that John values. John lives in Green Cove Springs with his wife, son and daughter. First Coast Home Services LLC is registered with the State of Florida and carries $300,000 in liability insurance with Old Dominion Insurance Company.


We Are Proud of Our Gallery

Make Your Place NEW Again

Pool Screens, Decks ... Renew!


John Hancock - Owner

Thank you to my loyal customers! Relationship is important and I strive to go above and beyond my duty! Without you, I could not have come this far! Thanks for supporting SMALL BUSINESS!


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